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Feature article:48 Things every single must know.


  1. Never marry a man or woman out of sympathy. The reason for sympathy will die off soon after you’re married and the real question of whether you love him or her will show up and that’s what will make or mar the relationship. Never marry someone due to parental or other influences make sure it is someone you love you get to marry. Your parents or friends would not live with you in the home when you're married. Always ask yourself do i really love this person if no call it quits.


  2. Companionship must be the root of your relationship; work on being and having a friend rather than an emotion expressing affair.

  3. Work on being exactly like the kind of person you will like to marry, for you cannot get what you do not deserve. If you are bad, do not expect anything better, for every good man or woman would marry an equally good person too.

  4. Talk about everything you’re not happy with; never sweep anything under the carpet because it will always slip out from there sooner or later.

  5. If your friend runs or assumes an attacking method of defense when ever you raise an issue know that he or she’s got a skeleton in his or her cupboard.

  6. Can you sit and talk with your friend for a full day without being bored? Your communication level is the acid test of your companionship level.

  7. If you don’t ever find something to talk about and romance ends up being the only vacuum filler then something is wrong with the basis of your attraction.

  8. True attraction must always be based on similar goals, aspirations, tastes, purpose, and vision.

  9. Ladies find a man who is going somewhere, a man with a vision aspiration and purpose.

  10. If your goals are different from that of your friend you’re going to find it difficult to flow because two cannot walk together except they agree.

  11. If a man cannot keep his words on little promises when he says something to you, that’s a sign he would not be faithful to you when you get married to him.

  12. An average man or woman who gets into fierce anger rage with others when his or her friend is there will most likely end up a wife beater or a brawler at home when you marry.

  13. A man or woman who can control his anger would most likely make a good wife or husband.

  14. Men, to approach a lady your first impression matters a lot. Watch your breathe, make sure it is not smelling. Most ladies get turned off on first sight with men with breathe or body odor. Use a perfume to smell fine not just because of her but as a good life habit.RUTH3:3

  15. Never rush a lady into your mission with her, when you first meet someone you like, don't make it your first words. First try to establish a continuous way of seeing her. On your first meeting with her, make sure you create another opportunity or reason for both of you to meet again; use your first meeting with her to let her know as much of you as you can within the short time you may spend with her. If you have something to say about yourself she will listen to you and wouldn't mind meeting with you again. Never try to impress her just let her into the truths about you if there are any.Talk about what you do for a living, your spiritual and circular goals, your hobbies, then focus on your vision as a Christian and what you love doing for the lord. Find what she thinks about it and ask her questions with to gauge her spirituality and if is the spiritual type find out what turns her on most spiritually and stick around that factor in your conversations with her. Supply her with words of encouragement in that area and offer to provide her with materials or any information that can help her become better. Seize that as an opportunity to have a second meeting with her.

  16. An average lady gets turned off on a talkative man on first sight. Talk less on irrelevant issues when you’re around some one you admire.

  17. Don’t try to impress for you can only get a carnal lady by impressions. Be yourself; courteous, nice and offer help when necessary.

  18. Ladies, endeavor to look your best at all times and wear a cheerful attractive look always for men depend on first sight impression to draw closer. Smiling is a very powerful tool a lady can use to make herself attractive.

  19. Look for a hair style that fits you most and try to wear it often for some hair looks could make you look less beautiful than you actually are.

  20. Don’t keep a holier than thou attitude when you are in the midst of people it could scare some men away.

  21. If you are rich or a high salary earner never allow it affect the way you look at people. Give every one a chance even if they’re not as rich as you are. You know you could scare some good guys away if you portray yourself always so much higher than them. Your husband may not be earning as much as you do so listen to everyone through and then make your judgments based on a man’s character rather than on what he has.

  22. Never play cheap to get or show case yourself as available for most men get turned off from cheap ladies.

  23. Never play difficult to get either when someone makes an advance towards you, be as nice as you can, responding to their advance.

  24. Sometimes some men might need some little encouragement to be able to bold enough to advance. You should be able to know when a guy is shy and if you sense that he loves you and you love him too then you can help him in anyway you can without being forward. Like positioning yourself where he can find you, hanging out with someone he is free with etc.

  25. When a man makes advances to you and without having gotten to know you yet begins to touch your body or do things suggesting that he wants to sleep with you, run from such a man.

  26. If a man cannot wait till you are married before he begins to demand sex, he certainly is an unserious Christian and you should get rid of him as fast as you can. Sex before marriage is fornication and no matter the explanation he has, remains so and you must avoid it.

  27. Most men would love to have homely ladies for wives; so if you are in a gathering were service is required seek to participate. For men look at such things. If you go out together or eat together, do the cleaning afterwards and tidy up or serve as the case may be. Don’t wait for your friend to do the cleaning or service because it says a lot to him about what kind of girl you are.

  28. Most men do not like moody ladies, naggers, or brawlers never engage in such.

  29. Communication is the heart of every relationship. Love starts and breeds on communication. If you want love to deepen then deepen communication. If you want love to die off then let communication die off. Shallow communication also breeds shallow relationship.

  30. Before you say yes to any man carry out the communication test on your relationship first. Ask your self, how much do I know this guy? How much does he know me? What can I tell him? What can I not tell him? Are there things that have happened to me in the past that I am afraid to tell him? Are there things about you that if he finds out he might change his mind?

  31. Any information you conceal from your friend because you do not want to loose him will always turn to become your undoing. Talk about everything. Such information will help you verify his or her love for you. He will still accept you as you are if he really loves you.

  32. Not all that glitters is gold. Never make a decision on someone based on what he or she has without first investigating his or her character, habits. What a man or woman has can develop wings over night but a man’s character remains with him forever.

  33. Ladies, when he comes into your house or room, he can know volumes about you in just 10seconds. You must keep you house, room, car, office as tidy as can be possible because he would judge your ability to care for his home from what he sees.

  34. If he gets to visit you at your house try to cook something for him because he wants to access your kitchen capabilities. If you keep offering coke and biscuit, you create an impression of incapability. If you are the busy type, go the extra mile to prepare something home made despite how tired you are. When he is still trying to decide on you, he would not understand your tiredness, so do not scare him off by being too tired to be homely.

  35. Men, do not ask a lady to marry you in a hurry. Work your way into her life first without saying anything to her. Be sure you will get a yes before you propose.

  36. Work on being a friend; never give a first impression that you want something from her. Just be a nice friend concerned about her day, her work, her leisure and find any opportunity to be a man to her. Find opportunity to take boredom from her.

  37. Check up on your progress regularly by asking questions like I hope I am not taking your time? If she says you are then something is wrong. Withdraw a bit and then think of how to come back without getting on her nerves, never too quickly.

  38. If you can help her spiritually she definitely would want you around so make sure you are sound enough spiritually before you approach a Christian lady. Be very spiritual to get her attention mix your spirituality with a little bit of leisure like taking her out for some snacks, watch some good movies and if you know her hobbies center around it.

  39. Ladies like to be appreciated; develop the habit of commending her looks, her hair find out where she made it and commend the hair stylist for a perfect job. Notice everything she puts on and say something complimentary never criticize when you’re just trying to know her.

  40. Where you can offer help of any kind. If you are walking together and she is carrying anything, offer to help her carry, open the door for her to walk through before you do.

  41. Ladies, respect all men generally as though they are your husband even if they do not deserve it. you don’t know who is watching you. You never know where it would count. Generally men would conclude on you based on how you treat one insignificant man somewhere.

  42. Most guys do not like ladies who try to prove superior or equal with them. Even if he is your colleague in the office give him respect as you would your husband.

  43. A guy would rather choose a girl who listens when he speaks than one who argues with him all the time. Men want to be made to feel like men and always want to feel secured that they are in charge. That does not necessarily mean they would not end up doing your opinion.

  44. Learn to say I am sorry with ease whether you are wrong or right about any issue. Most ladies and guys would be attracted to an apologetic man or woman more than one who always explains his or her actions. Say you are sorry first before you ever try to explain any thing.

  45. Do not be impolite or resentful to strangers in a bid to keep your spiritual distance. Many ladies give their would be husbands a stare clear signal by the way they look and carry themselves. Be simple and let your principles speak for you rather than creating an unapproachable look.

  46. Men, when proposing do not use spiritual formations to try to get her. She might just get turned off.

  47. Do not tell a lady without first getting close to her that God told you she is your wife, She would feel you’re trying to use spiritual intimidation on her and she’d say you should wait for God to speak to her too. If God speaks to you about someone remember that God would also have to speak to him or her also. So start by just getting to know her and when you do feel its time to propose, I’d rather you just tell her you love her than to say thus saith the lord.

  48. Never let things like height, tribal difference, complexion make you loose a good man or woman. These things may be important but they are not what makes a good home. Focus on more weightier matters like spirituality, character, ability to control his or her temper.

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