What to do in the time of difficulty

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What to do in the time of difficulty - Pastor Emmanuel Ogbechie

Luke 8:49  While he yet spake, there cometh one from the ruler of the synagogue's house, saying to him, Thy daughter is dead; trouble not the Master.

50 But when Jesus heard it, he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.

Is it possible to believe only in God's word of promise in order to experience a situational change? From this account, our Lord Jesus recommended believing only as all that Jairus needed for his daughter to be made whole.

In the time of difficulty, the biggest challenge that many are faced with is the question of whether faith alone can do the Job.

Jairus' daughter was sick when he reached out to Jesus who is the word of God for a change. While he was holding on to the word, the situation deteriorated. 

The child died and someone brought the bad news to him. Fear rose in his heart and he reached a tipping point in his stance with God's word.

Many thoughts must have flashed through his mind like it does in many hearts today. 

Thoughts like; "What is the use of continuing to believe?" "Give up, heaven knows that you have done your best." "It is too late, the girl is already dead and it is all over now."

In the midst of all those storms of negative thoughts and words from Jairus' servant, the voice of our Lord Jesus came to him to counter the evil, negative thoughts.

Our Lord Jesus said, Fear not: believe only and she shall be made whole.

He stopped the fear that arose by the seeming catastrophic news of the death of the child. He stopped the fear first, then He inspired continuity in faith in order to obtain the healing promise.

What Jesus was to Jairus then, God's written word is to us today. 

So for us today,  we must reach for the word when we are faced with a problem. Believe that word and when storms arise while we are standing in faith, we must find another word of promise to counter every negative thought.

It is always important to use scriptures to counter the voices of the enemy when he tries to tell us that situations will not change.

We must stop the fear also. Like Jesus did, we must learn to boldly declare, I refuse to fear! I believe only and my victory shall come.

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Pastor Emmanuel Ogbechie

Diplomats' Assembly Church

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