2014 Year of the Goshen Anointing

The year shall be a year of the anointing and the glory! There shall be special types of anointings in manifestation. One of which shall be the Goshen Anointing!

Every crooked place shall be made straight, the mountains shall be brought low, and every valley shall be filled. The glory of the lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it saith the lord.

‘The Lord shall bear you up as the eagle bears up its children on the wings of the anointing unto new Horizons. The anointing and the glory shall be in manifestation in your life and your profitting shall appear.

The Lord had said in his word that the manifestations of the spirit is given to everyman to profit, now shall there be a performance of the same for the Holy Spirit shall bring profit to you and there shall be no loss.


Lively hope!

Hope is the Anchor soul. Salvation of the believer is through hope. Without hope no one can be savedĀ 

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