Revelation of El-Shaddai

God established covenants with the fathers of old through the revelation of different names at different times. One of the names of God as seen revealed to Abraham in Genesis Chapter 17 is the name El - Shaddai.

This name was revealed at a time when Abraham was weak and attempted to help himself find a solution to His desire to have Children. He went in with Hagar and gave birth to Ismael.


God walked Abraham's house said and reintroduced Himself. He said to Abraham 'I am the Almighty God.' meaning I am El-Shaddai, the breasted one. I am your nurse, your provider and everything. I am more than enough for you. You do not have to trust in the arm of your flesh.

As El-Shaddai God is your everything. He is your strong nourisher! He is your strength giver. He said to Abraham walk before me and be thou perfect or sincere. be transparent before God. 

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