Fulfilling your ministry 2

Col 4:17 And tell Archippus, "Be sure to finish the task you were given in the Lord's service." Good News Translation

Too many people are looking for big things to do for God in order to fulfill their ministries.

Your ministry can be defined also as any task which you have been given in the lords service. If you are a member of a local church and you have been given a task to oversee the sunday school that is the ministry which the lord wants you to fulfill.


Fulfilling your ministry 1

Colosians 4:17

And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.

Every believer has received a ministry in the lord. If you have made the lord Jesus Christ the lord of your life then you have received a ministry in the lord. You may not be aware of this fact. This scripture was written to bring this awareness to you. What God said to Archippus, He is saying to you today.


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